This is the perfect opportunity for friends, family or your work team to be involved in something new and exciting for a worthy cause. You know the positive power of physical activity has on our health and mental wellbeing. Premier Foundation is the UK charity ensuring disadvantaged children get the fitness and wellbeing support they need to combat the lasting effects of inactivity and social isolation caused by the lockdowns and Covid-19 pandemic. With every pound raised, you will be helping a child in need live a healthier, happier life.  



Battle of the Bikes
The Battle of the Bikes is a virtual event on Saturday, 4 June 2022 when teams based in gyms across the UK will compete to be the first to bike 50 miles. To participate, you will need:      

  • A team of 2-8 people.
  • A stationary bike.
  • Access to Wi-Fi and a video recording device to stream your team during the event, such as a phone or a tablet.  
As a live social media event, the Battle of the Bikes also provides great exposure to a wide audience for businesses who are interested in sponsorship. Get in touch about sponsorship opportunities for Battle of the Bikes by contacting [email protected] 

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